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Thu May 26 15:49:37 UTC 2011


This may get me some grief but I think many in the Stallmanite camp of the
open source world fear anything and everything. Canonical is a company and
they need to make a buck. If they can make money, and make open source
better whats not to love? I think many though in the open source camps have
a very snobbish elitist attitude and they have their own private club with
open source and are not willing to let that be broken up easily. That in
itself seems to really not even be the spirit of open source.

I love GNOME 3 but I also know that many in the GNOME camp weren't happy
with Ubuntu either, but to me this is what makes open source great, OPTIONS.
With unity we have another option. I know we can reach the point of too many
options, but with KDE and GNOME being at far ends of the spectrum and other
desktops being much more niche type solutions it seems to make perfect sense
to me to have a middle ground. I hope Unity will be that eventually even
though I prefer GNOME 3/Shell.

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