ubuntu-us-tn Impressions of Unity

Be Netritious netritious at gmail.com
Thu May 26 15:27:46 UTC 2011


I haven't formed an opinion but there is quite a bit of FUD about Ubuntu
and Unity.

I use LTS (Lucid and Hardy) so haven't been exposed to unity, but I'm
sure I will in 12.04 LTS. From what I understand though newer versions
of Ubuntu will use unity but can fall back to Gnome, so I don't
understand the FUD other than it's just more anti-FreeSoftware propaganda.

Which is why I was asking, but more concisely...

Does the FUD surrounding Ubuntu and Unity have any merit from your
perspective? It's a loaded question but worth asking for curiosities
sake IMHO.


On 5/26/2011 9:35 AM, Wesley Stout wrote:
> Rich,
> Good question! My initial thought is that it isn't ready... yet. I
> suppose that is why its being pushed at this time to be ready for the
> LTS. I have been using GNOME 3 in Arch Linux, and wonder if Ubuntu may
> have made a mistake in going with their own thing. At the same time I
> understand the reasoning behind it. So I suppose my thought for now is
> its not ready, but I think in the future it does have great potential. I
> look forward to seeing it on top of GNOME 3.
> And, Rich, we all want to know what your thought is? :)
> Wesley

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