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I'm Justin Ellison and I'm an IT Security specialists working for a government agency in Knoxville.  I've been using Linux since 2002 starting with Fedora, then Gentoo, then Ubuntu, although I mostly use the XFCE desktop environment now.  I'd like to say my specialty is installing/configuring Ubuntu, especially on laptops; this said, an installfest in Knoxville would be right up my alley.  I've actually just started getting involved with Ubuntu outside of using it, but I plan to help with development/patches in the near future.

I go by justinellison on freenode, launchpad, and Ubuntu wiki
Justin Ellison
justin.ellison at yahoo.com

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It looks like this list isn't very active.  In order to get this group
moving in the right direction I would like it if you all would post an
introduction of yourself to the group.  Looks like there are about 46
total users total between the non-digest and digest users, so we
should be getting some activity on this list.

Please let us know:
your name - if you want
your handle in freenode - if you use it
your experience with Linux and Unix

any other information you want to supply.

My name is Mike Berger, I am a System Engineer in Knoxville.  I
currently work for a large media company.  My main interests, as far
as Ubuntu goes, is use as a server.  Especially, on x86_64 and SPARC
architecture.  I am members of the Ubuntu-bug-squad and the Ubuntu
SPARC Architecture Team.

I have been working with Linux for 10+ years, but Ubuntu for only a couple.

I go by tideline on freenode.


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