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Bret Fledderjohn freelancer317 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 03:14:01 BST 2009

2009/9/12 Bryan Behrenshausen <behrenshausen at gmail.com>

> Hi Elizabeth,
> Thanks so much for responding.  A few answers (however tentative) for you:
> >> We're hoping members
> >> of the PA loco team might be available to attend this event and
> >> participate in any of the following ways:
> >
> > Would this be held on a weekend?
> When we met, I explained to my colleague that the PA loco team is
> comprised entirely of volunteers who are balance their involvement in
> Ubuntu events with the demands of their full time jobs, and that we
> could expect more involvement from the team if we held the event on a
> weekend.  She understood this; however, one concern is that holding
> the event on a weekend would decrease opportunities for student
> involvement (i.e., more students are likely to attend an event at the
> campus library during the week than they are on, for instance, a
> Saturday night -- unfortunately!).
> Ah yes, the lure of frat parties are hard to contend with. or the hangovers
the next day.

> >> My colleague is currently investigating the feasibility of
> >> hosting an event some time this academic semester -- most likely in
> >> late October or early November.
> >
> > I'm game for any of this if it's done on a weekend, can a couple
> > potential dates be floated? The Karmic release is also around this
> > time and I think we're going to start planning release parties and we
> > want to make sure that nothing overlaps, Lancaster is close enough
> > that some Philly people might want to come out.
> We'd absolutely love if Philly folks could attend and enhance the
> event.  The Library Outreach Committee is meeting this week -- most
> likely Wednesday or Thursday -- to discuss the feasibility of the

If you would like, I might be able to make it to that meeting.  Let me know
when and where, and I'll check my schedule.

> event and negotiate potential dates.  I will remind my colleague that
> a new iteration of Ubuntu is scheduled for release in late October,
> and that we can expect more involvement from loco teams if our event
> does not overlap with already-schedule release parties (thanks for
> reminding me of this).  When I have more information from this
> committee -- regarding potential dates, financial allocations, etc. --
> I will immediately relay this information to the ListServ or pop into
> a Wednesday night meeting.
> Thanks for much for wanting to help!  I'm very excited about this
> event's potential for raising the profile of free software on campus.
> Feel free to write with more questions or suggestions any time.  I'm
> open to any and all feedback.
> Sincerely,
> Bryan
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- Bret
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