[Ubuntu-US-PA] Remix the Future - Update

Bryan Behrenshausen behrenshausen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 14:15:53 BST 2009

>> We'd absolutely love if Philly folks could attend and enhance the
>> event.  The Library Outreach Committee is meeting this week -- most
>> likely Wednesday or Thursday -- to discuss the feasibility of the
> If you would like, I might be able to make it to that meeting.  Let me know
> when and where, and I'll check my schedule.

Hi Bret,

This is a very generous offer.  Thank you.  Actually, the weekly
meeting of the Library Outreach Committee is a very small one
(consisting principally of, say four or five individuals); however, my
colleagued noted that, should she need extra assistance explaining our
concept for and (philosophy behind) the event, she would call upon
others to attend a future meeting and help her explain the importance
of the event to other members of the committee.  So, for now, we'll
just need to hang tight and wait to see what happens at this week's


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