[Ubuntu PA] NTR Laptop Project: meet at laptop room on Mar 29th, noon

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 04:11:23 BST 2008

Yes, I had the wrong date in the subject line earlier.  Even though
there were only 3 of us (me, Randy, Norman) today, we got a lot done. 
Here's my short status report:
  * there are now 18 laptop completed and ready for testing
  * 18 laptops set aside to receive imaged drives
  * 15 hard drives have DSL images now
  * 16 Dells of the same model need to be repaired to make 8 good ones
  * all laptop power supplies sorted and placed in labeled crates
  * laptops that don't have USB port(s) have been removed from our
refurb queue

At this point I believe we've found all the laptops that are worth
salvaging.  In the end we may have 35-40 laptops for the NTR thrift
store.  I read something recently that said a reused PC uses 20 times
less fossil fuels than a recycled PC.  I need to dig that reference up
again...  I'd also like to get some more hard numbers about reusing vs.
recycling.  Any of you ever see anything like that?


Kevin Valentine wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> What: Laptop Refurbishing Meeting/Workshop
> Where: NTR (ntronline.org) in the laptop room
> When: March 29th, noon
> OK, it's not exactly the 4th Saturday of the month.  I thought Easter
> might throw off people's volunteer time.  It's also a few days shy of
> the 2 weeks notice I like to give.  I'm working on it! ;-)
> We're up to 12 laptops with Linux installed now.  Hoping to get to 20
> before or by the 29th.  For those of you holding out, Ubuntu desktop
> installations should be coming soon.  Can't make any promises yet.
> For those of you that can't make it but still want to play with 10+ year
> old laptops running a modern OS, please contact me.  We still need
> people to test and configure the laptops once Linux is installed.
> As usual ... for any of you newcomers, check out the wiki page for more
> details:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam/CommunityOutreachTeam/NtrLaptopProject
> -kevin

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