[Ubuntu PA] NTR Linux Laptop Project: laptop status

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 19:43:47 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

I went to NTR today from 11am to 3pm.  Sorted through more laptops and
installed DSL onto 4 more.  Now we have a total of 12 that are ready to
go to a volunteer's home/office for testing.  Here's a list of the ones
that need testing:
  8 Compaqs.  All of these use the 3 pin AC power cords, very easy to find.
  2 Dells.  Two of the power supplies are sitting right next to the laptops.
  2 IBM Thinkpads.  Need power supplies.  I know we used to have them
but I can't find them now.  One needs a hard drive caddie.

The next ones in the queue are as follows:
  2 black Compaqs.  Make into one good laptop.
  2 black Compaqs.  Make into one good laptop.
  2 no names (Green?).  Swap LCDs to make one good laptop.
  7 Toshibas.  Really old but use the 2 pin AC power cords and the hard
drives are easy to install.
  3 newer Toshibas (~333MHz).  Great laptops but have a variety of
issues.  Might get two good ones out of these.

So, who's ready to take some for testing?


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