[Ubuntu PA] Group Canonical Shop Order

Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 18:08:05 GMT 2007

Subject: Group Order to Reduce Shipping Costs from The
Canonical Shop


Several members[1] of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Ubuntu Local
Communities (LoCos) are arranging a group order from
the Canonical
Shop[2] to reduce individual shipping costs. (The
Canonical Shop's
shipping charges are high even for international

	[1] The following members are organising the order:
		Pennsylvania: Lyz Bevilacqua & Jim Fisher
		  New Jersey: Joe Terranova  & Dave Harding

	[2] http://shop.canonical.com/

The combined group order will be delivered to Dave
Harding who will
deliver it you at subsequent meetings of PLUG Central,
RUSLUG, and (tentatively) at a NJ LoCo event. Anyone
able to pick up
their order at one of those meetings and wanting to
save on shipping
charges is welcome to participate, but

        WE NEED YOUR ORDER by Sunday, 18 November

Details and instructions are at the following URL:


Thank you,

Jim Fisher

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