[Ubuntu PA] Action Items

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Mon May 28 16:36:45 BST 2007

Just got a reply from Stan.  The only time we CANNOT be in the class is
on Thursday from 2 to 6 pm because he has an event at that time.  Any
other time should be fine for him.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, Stan will be preparing that room for their
Thursday event but we can work around them.  I plan to stop by tomorrow
somewhere between 10 and 11am.  I'll help out Stan for an hour or two
and try to get a better feel for what we may be lacking for our event. 
I also plan to stop by on Friday for a few hours.  He said we can the
room all of Friday if we want.

Here is some more stuff that he said:
"I've added new cat-5 wires over the ceiling to each wall from our
central hub. I'd like to hang a hub (or switch) on each of the three
walls this week. You're most welcome to help with that. The goal is to
have a network line for each of the 15 stations we often have in the
room. I'm not planning to have outlet boxes, just wires running from a
convenient hub to each station. If we get fancy, we can add outlet boxes
later, unless you and your folks want to do that.

We can supply a projector, and screen. We also might have wireless
access points. We certainly can provide the hardware you mention below
for the server and accessories."

Based on this, it looks like all of our items are covered.  I don't
believe his WAPs support WPA-PSK but I can check that tomorrow.  Doesn't
matter that much anyway since Alex is planning to bring a few on Saturday.

He has the overhead projector for us to use.  Now we just need some
video clips and a PC to play them from.  I suppose it can be the same PC
that Alex plans to use as the repository mirror.  I'm not sure if we
want sound.  I have a cheesy sound system I could bring in.  Anyone know
of any good video clips?  Some stuff was mentioned in the last meeting:
  * beryl / compiz demos
  * openoffice demo
  * gimp demo

I guess some of this could be pulled off of youtube or google video. 
Anyone want to own this task?


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