[Ubuntu PA] [Project] Girls Inc date shifted to June 9th

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at princessleia.com
Sat May 26 12:53:33 BST 2007

On Fri, May 25, 2007 at 11:01:23PM -0400, Kevin Valentine wrote:
> Everyone,
> I have more updated information on what's happening with the Girls Inc
> project.  Sorry if the plans seem a bit slippery.  It goes through about
> 3 or 4 other people before getting to me.  At this point I'm just trying
> to keep the plan consistent.  The date for going to Girls Inc. has
> changed to June 9th.  I talked with them (Greg and Terri) over the phone
> for at least an hour today trying to settle everything.  The 9th seemed
> like the best compromise.

Good. I'm busy the 10th - but the 9th works great for me!

> Here's a rough sequence of events that I've gathered from all parties:
>   1) The 10 PCs from the Philly Stock Exchange are sitting at Girls Inc.
> right now.

Do we have specs? I am wondering if we're going to want to go with
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Edubuntu.

>   2) Greg has been able to get one of those PCs at the CVG (Computer
> Volunteer Group) location.
>   3) The CVG is going to install MS Windows XP/2000/whatever onto the
> PC, plus a bunch of other software: anti-virus, anti-spyware,
> anti-whatever, and I guess a bunch of education software for the kids. 
> All that stuff is up to the CVG and Girls Inc.
>   4) When installing/configuring is done for the MS install, Terri plans
> to do an image of the PC's disk, just in case we Linux people have any
> accidents ;-)

All sounds good.

>   5) At this point the PC will get Ubuntu Linux installed.  This is
> still a gray area.  There area a few options here:
>       a) I or we go to the CVG location to install / configure Ubuntu on
> that PC
>       b) The PC gets dropped off at my house or office where I can do
> the install with a group of people
>       c) A CVG member brings the PC to the June 2nd Ubuntu Install-Fest
> at NTR for installation

Option c is probably the best - that's the last weekend before June 9th
AND if CVG people are coming anyway to learn how to install Ubuntu on
their old Macs...

>   6) Both installations are well documented so they can be repeated by
> anyone.
>   7) The PC is given back to Terri to create another disk image of the
> dual boot system.
>   8) That disk image gets transferred to the other 9 disks of the other
> PCs (they're all the same hardware).

Good good.

>   9) On June 9th we meet at Girls Inc. at 10am with 10 systems fully
> prepared.  If the girls show up (still not sure about that), we walk
> them through an installation on 1 or 2 PCs.  If they don't show, we just
> demonstrate how they function to the coordinator at Girls Inc., take a
> few pictures, eat lunch, and then wrap it up.

It would be /really/ great if the girls came.

Do we have local newspaper contacts yet that we can submit photos and
event info to?

> Feel free to tear this apart.  There are items that need more
> clarification.  Do we install Childsplay or Gcompris for educational
> software?  

Do we have any idea how old the girls are?

> Should we create custom splash screen for grub?  I still have one I
> made for the NTR Linux laptop project.  We could reuse it.  We should
> do this for the install-fest too.

If it's non-trivial for the Girls Inc ones - sure, since we're just
doing mirrored installs across them. Installfest... not sure, I wonder
if our time would be better spent kicking tires of new installs than
adding splash screens. Just my $.02 :)

> Oh yeah, another thing Terri mentioned was that they have a batch of
> Macs in the CVG basement.  She asked if the CVG volunteers could bring
> those Macs to the install-fest to learn how to install Ubuntu PPC
> installed on them.  I told her that we're prepared for that.  Hmm, that
> could bring 3-4 more registrations.

That would be great.

> When things get more settled, I'll create a poll in the forum to see who
> will be available to help out.  Please reply with your comments / questions.

"When things are more settled" I'll be dropping a note to the PhillyChix
list too - hopefully we can get some volunteers for the bit with the
girls through that.

Elizabeth Bevilacqua // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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