[Ubuntu PA] Install-Fest at NTR - success!

Jim Fisher pechterbread at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 12:00:00 BST 2007

Things to change for next installfest:

  1) more coffee

  2) more coffee

  3) sandwich platter

  4) nothing else !

Well, if we could have a 3 month planning period - so
that barring unforseen incidents, all of the philly
loco members can arrange transportation. 

What seemed like enough lead time for the event sure
did evaporate quickly.  But honestly, we maxxed out
the resources of the location and of the team, and had
a few times when people had to wait for a volunteer to
get to them.

The pizza came from the Musa crew, actually Musa's
wife Carol, and Sister Fulton. The cash donation came
from Owen.  Thanks everyone!

I have one regret, because I am so f'in neurotic; that
is Vinay's Dell.  I really hope that Vinay and his
wife can get to PACS in two weeks so that we can
finish what we started.

Everyone in the Philly Loco came together to make this
an amazing event.  Even those who did not have the
opportunity to be at the event.  All the work done
leading up to the event - website - registration page
- irc chat - resource page - all represents the spirit
of Ubuntu.  

I also have to give all the attendees alot of credit. 
I don't think we could of asked for a better group of
people. No one was any problem, and it was obvious
that we were appreciated by the donations and just the
look on their faces.

I said it last time, but this, our second event
confirms it.  We HAVE started something special.

GREAT JOB everyone.

jim fisher

PS  note to self.....MORE COFFEE

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