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Bret Fledderjohn freelancer317 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 03:15:28 BST 2007

Can anyone help this guy may customized LiveCDs of Xubuntu to distribute
(see below).I mention Reconstructor, be he wants to do this manually so he
can learn the inner workings of Ubuntu..

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Date: 01-Jun-2007 09:50
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My main reason for customizing is so that I will be more knowledgeable about
the inner workings and also so that I can make a workstation out of any
computer with the CD that has all my needed apps.

I was thinking of using Reconstructor or UCK (UbuntuCustomizationKit), but
as far as documentation goes, it does not support Xubuntu [ I'm an xfce fan
now ] and has some bugs.

I wouldn't mind doing it from the ground up AFTER I am able to slightly
customize the packages and maybe graphical properties of Xubuntu.  I'm
choosing Xubuntu b/c I like xfce and I won't have to "apt-get remove" all
that many packages.  It'd be nice to make my own admin tools CD, but yes
that would require much more work.

I'd be interested in hearing about how other users plan on customizing their
live CDs.  I also do not plan on keeping any success or information to
myself, I think after this I will put together somewhat of a tutorial; for
my memory and for the rest of the community.

I'm getting anxious about feisty ... but I planned on using edgy for this so
I don't break feisty =).  I'm also wondering if I want to use Kubuntu on my
desktop; I like Xubuntu on my laptop.  KDE is very customizable, but I think
if I looked I'd find the same documentation for XFCE.  Well that's another
project ... I'd better focus on my Live CD project, first.


On 5/31/07, Bret Fledderjohn <freelancer317 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mike,
> Well it's good to run into another local Ubuntu user.  I live in
> Harrisburg and have been using Ubuntu and Kubuntu since September of last
> year.  There are some very talented and friendly people in the community.
> Just out of curiosity, how do you want to customize the LiveCD? And why?
> If you want to do it from the ground up, I will try to get you in touch with
> people who can help you MUCH better than I can.  However, there is a program
> call Reconstructor which can "build" a custom Ubuntu LiveCD.  http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=37
> That is probably how I would do it.
> If you want, there are some people in Philly that are looking at changing
> the LiveCD to include different splash screens, help files, and more. I am
> not sure if they are looking at doing that with Reconstructor or some other
> way.  But I would be more than happy to get them in touch with you.
> Another great local resource is CPLUG.  Central Pennsylvania Linux Users
> Group.  There are a lot of Ubuntu users, as well as other distros.  The
> expertise in that group is quite impressive.  http://www.cplug.net/
> By the way, Feisty seems to be more stable than Edgy, so don't wait too
> long!  :-)
> -Bret
> On 31/05/07, silvertip257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Bret,
> >
> > My name is Mike, I live in Central PA and major in computer networking
> > technology at Harrisburg Area Community College.  I've started using Linux,
> > many kinds at first only a year ago!  From Fedora Core to PuppyLinux, I've
> > seen most of them.  I think it's just the Ubuntu community and documentation
> > that keeps me hanging around -- can't beat it.  Xubuntu has caught my eye
> > and I now almost prefer xfce, although I do use Ubuntu and gnome quite
> > regularly in class.  That's a little background on me for the record.
> >
> > I'd like to understand and have a functional custom Live CD based on
> > ubuntu, but I'm having difficulty.  I was hoping that you know how to do
> > this or know someone that wouldn't mind guiding me in the process.  This is
> > my first stab at really understanding the development and structure of
> > Ubuntu/Debian and Linux in general.
> >
> > I've recently been trying to customize the Ubuntu live cd by following
> > the documentation at this link:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization/6%2e06
> > <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization/6%252e06>; when I
> > run the CD checksum, it fails 3 checksums and something with gnome did not
> > initialize correctly.  I'd like to learn by customizing ubuntu, but would
> > ultimately like to finish by customizing xubuntu (the xfce derivate).  I've
> > been trying to customize ubuntu versions of Edgy Eft ( 6.10), since I'm
> > still sitting with installs of that around the house.  I'd like to get one
> > rough fully functional custom live cd and then I'm stepping up to Feisty
> > Fawn (7.04).  I'd like to work with my Xubuntu Edgy install for now and
> > then if I break it ... then oh well, reinstall with Feisty!  I will mention
> > that I do have installs of both Xubuntu and Ubuntu, but my personal pref is
> > xfce.  That being said, I hope I've given you enough insight into my problem
> > and project that you can guide me.
> >
> > I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.
> >
> > Take care,
> > Mike
> >
> --
> - Bret

- Bret
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