[Ubuntu PA] [Project] Girls Inc date shifted to June 9th

Kevin Valentine kevin.valentine at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:56:38 BST 2007

Alex Launi wrote:
> Kevin Valentine wrote:
> > Good idea.  We may also want to give them a /home so there's never a
> > risk of maxing out / with their personal files.  I guess we could use
> > disk quota rules but I've never done that before, not sure what's
> > involved.  I do the shared fat32 on my own system and it works great.
> > That's one of those things we would have to explain with great clarity.
> We could just make /home fat32 so that it's simple and they don't have
> to worry about partition schemes and saving their documents other places
> on their filesystem. Yeah fat32 sucks but it's only 10gb so it should be
> ok. We just need to make sure they defrag, but if it's fat32 windows
> should see it as D:\ and take care of that fun stuff.
I just emailed your advice to Greg and Terri and cc'd the list.  Hope
you guys don't mind me cc'ing our correspondence to the list.  Could get
confusing but I want to make sure you guys can see what they are saying too.

Would it be possible to map that extra partition to the Win2k's Profile
or "Documents and Settings" folder (or whatever they use for their home
folder on Win2k)?


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