[Ubuntu Oregon] your help needed!

Pat paddy.hayes at comcast.net
Mon Sep 8 23:38:42 UTC 2014

I can be a contact for Portland.  

If it's worth a hill of beans, I'm QIII - a moderator on Ubuntu Forums.

I haven't managed to get down to Salem for a meeting because of my work schedule, but if someone has an SIP account I could put my ugly face on someone's laptop there with Jitsi and join the meetings by telepresence.

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</div>So I've been trying to do what I can to make Ubuntu Oregon better.

Well, I wanted to get us a website again, so I tried to get Canonical
to take care of the hosting. Unfortunately, that's something they only
offer for verified teams, and it appears we're not.

Here's the deal:

I don't think we need much to get there. I can do the paperwork and
all that. What I would like to do is organize all of the different
events and people.

Can folks give me an idea of what's going on in their neck of the
woods? Any relevant events would be helpful. Linux User Group events
are great. If Ubuntu Oregon makes a showing, it will help build our
reputation. I just helped fix a guy's wifi at our LUG's monthly
meeting. :)

I would appreciate it if anyone would be willing to step up and be the
unofficial point of contact for their neck of the woods. I can handle
Eugene, but Portland, Salem, Southern Oregon, Bend-ish, and points
East could all use people. I just need someone to talk to. No titles
or real work required. :)

Any other questions or comments, send them my way.

Sincerely, your fearless leader?


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