[Ubuntu Oregon] Tonight's Ubuntu Hour

Cody Smith cody.smith9202 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 22:51:12 UTC 2013

There will be one tonight, but I won't be there (have a good deal of things
that require my attention and as such I've no time to make it to Broadway
Commons), Feel free to show up even if the person who sends the notice out
isn't there, after all, all Ubuntu Hours anywhere can be started and
attended by anybody, regardless of who is already there. :D

I don't have the time to make an event page atm (I'm pushing it writing
this email) so unless someone wants to make the page themselves (it's not
at all hard) there won't be one.

6-7PM tonight was the time decided on by discussion, so that's when it'll
be tonight at Broadway Commons.

I hope to be up there next week.

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