Ubuntu Oregon: Finn's Departure

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at ubuntu-oregon.org
Wed Sep 14 06:13:59 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,

Finn Herzfeld will be going away to college towards the end of September 
and as such he will be stepping down from his leadership role with 
Ubuntu Oregon and it is my hope that Ubuntu Washington will sync up with 
him because he is an amazing contributor to the Ubuntu Community and to 
the FOSS Community.

I hope Finn will continue to idle on IRC and be apart of our community 
from a distance while he is away for college and if you get a chance 
please congratulate Finn on this new step in his life and thank him for 
his contributions to the community.

On a closing note I would also like to solicit the community to see if 
anyone is interested in being our Wiki Maintainer which will consist of 
keeping the Wiki updated and clean.

If you are interested in the Wiki role please feel free to e-mail me 
directly or ping me on IRC.


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