Ubuntu Global Jam - Official Announcement/RSVP Info

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at ubuntu-oregon.org
Thu Aug 11 00:18:34 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

Planning and Arrangements for Ubuntu Global Jam are complete as such
we will be having a Global Jam on September 3rd, 2011 which will be an event
focusing on contributing as a team to bugs, documentation, testing of 
and upgrading. If you don't know how to do documentation or bug work we 
will show
you otherwise you can come and hangout and socialize.

On Saturday, September 3rd, the plan is as follows:

from 2-4PM:

San Francisco Ubuntu Hour
Location: PuppetLabs,  411 NW Park / Portland, OR 97209
Details/RSVP: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-or/1139/detail/
Registration/RSVP is not required although we do encourage it so
we have a headcount.

*Soft Drinks & Water will be provided courtesy of PuppetLabs and were 
working on
getting pizza or some other light snacks.
*T-shirts are courtesy of OpenStack
*Google Open Source T-Shirts courtesy of Carol Smith of Google
*Ubuntu Stickers are courtesy of Linbit
*Ubuntu User magazines courtesy of Linux New Media

We will also be giving away one gift bag with a book from O'Reilly and 
some other schwag :)

A Ubuntu Oregon Team Lead will be at the entrance to Puppetlabs at 
2:00pm if you
arrive late do not worry the door and elevator will be open just come on 
up. In addition
to project contributions this will be an excellent opportunity for 
everyone to socialize
and PuppetLabs, Linbit and PHPFog will have people attending.

Thanks to PuppetLabs, Linbit and OpenStack for their contributions which 
will make this
event a reality!

Hope to see you there!

Benjamin K.
Team Lead
Ubuntu Oregon

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