Ubuntu and Healthcare Informatics in Oregon

cctualatin at speakeasy.net cctualatin at speakeasy.net
Fri May 21 20:49:06 BST 2010

Dear All,

My reasons for making contact are:

1)/*applications that can benefit from a common OS across embedded, 
desktop and
Enterprise Systems can also benefit from relevant applications than can 
co-operatively across sample configurations*/


-Healthcare 'data and information capture' can occur at multiple levels, 
e.g., embedded
sensors through local Electronic Records through eHealth 
Enterprise-level support
-design, development, deployment issues and schedules must be controlled
-interface and integration issues are at least significant issues
-performance and scalability are significantly important
-support requirements (hardware, software, systems, networks, 
applications, management)
must be minimized

2)/*Evolutions in hardware, software, systems, networks, applications 
and technologies*/

3)/*Modular research, design, development and deployment*/

4)/*Global Healthcare products and services form good markets requiring 
long-term commitments*/

5)/*My residence is Tualatin, Oregon*/

6)/*I support commercial products and services that integrate OSS*/.

Would appreciate your comments, suggestions and thoughts.


-Thomas Clark

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