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On 7/31/07, Terry_G_Davis at dell.com <Terry_G_Davis at dell.com> wrote:

	I was wandering what time you would like to set up our first
monthly meeting?  I was thinking finding out what time you wanted to do
that and then I would make sure everyone had skype and an account so we
could have a meeting with everyone on the same page.

My two most likely times right now are before work - say 6:30 or 7:00 AM
- or at noon.  Neither is great ... 

(Ok I will look into setting something up within the next week for this
time frame.)


	If you want to give me a synopsis of what you want to discuss
during the meeting I will put it all in order so we can have those as
our meeting minutes.  If pulling this together is too much for your
allocated time now let me know. I will make it happen.

Yes, my time is generally too short right now.  I'm glad you have a bit
more!  Maybe with the recent US Teams exposure we'll pick up a few more
people. :)

The first agenda might run something like this: 

1. brief introductions
2. brainstorming about ideas for team activities
3. who's heading up which activity

Some ideas might include:

 - web page
 - improved wiki page
 - registering and logging the #ubuntu-oklahoma IRC chat 
 - initiate plans for becoming officially recognized

(Sounds great I will also set up something in regards to this so we can
get everything rolling.)

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