UbuntuOhio Upcoming Official Meeting

Daniel Buch daniel.buch at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 02:22:29 GMT 2007

I have to say that I'm *really* happy with what Anthony's posted, so
I'll pretty much just be cheering for much of the same:

> 1. I think we should try to come up with projects for each sub-team, so each
> sub-team has an active, achievable goal to work towards. This will also give
> something for others who are in the general team to look at, and see that
> there is work and progress being completed.

Goals are good, absolutely.  I would like to see us using Launchpad
and the Wiki as much as possible for these efforts as doing so will
only increase our stature with fellas like Jono Bacon.  I'll try to
get someone from Launchpad to attend the meeting and give us some
pointers :D

> 2. Again, I think we should try to actively recruit members of our general
> team for our sub-teams. Maybe by sending some personal private messages
> about the teams and projects?

What's the general opinion about using the mailing list registry to
send emails directly to individual members?  Is this a questionable
practice, or is there a reasonable expectation that when one is a
member of a 70-odd person organization that such things can (and
should) happen?

> 3. I think we should talk about the progress of the F2F, and also decide
> some minor details of it.

February 1st came and went without much fuss :D ... there was a bit of
talk at the last meeting about refocusing our efforts into, well ...
more concentrated streams of communication. Rather than getting all
wound up about talking to media outlets, should we instead push to
forge ties with Libraries, Universities, and K-12 Schools?  Some
amongst us are already well on their way to establishing such
relationships...    ;-)

> 4. Nominate / Assign leadership for teams that do not have solidified
> leaders (CD-Team and Communication Team).

My tuppence:
CD Team --> Anthony Hall
Communication Team --> Jacob Peddicord

/me runs away  . . . . . . .

> 5. Discuss more about the PR, including progress, plans, and any more ideas.

(see #3)

Where is my sister and her boyfriend, anyway??  They totally need to
join some Subteams and help to blaze this here trail :D

/me runs away again . . . . . . . . . . .


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