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Eric Krieger grammatoncleric at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 24 13:32:06 GMT 2008

Hi Everyone,
	So one of the topics of discussion for tomorrow's IRC meeting will be
the EPC Network.  Yesterday I went buy EPC and had a great meeting with
Sam, Gigi, Dave, and Jen(?). We discussed the networking options for EPC
and the fact that I'm a major geek who watches Dr. Who, Star Trek, and
reads SciFi books like "Enders Game" and "Hitchhikers Guild to the
Galaxy."  So I'm a geek... =P  

	We also spent a few minutes measuring the current wireless signal to
provide a baseline if we so choose to go the wireless route. I've posted
my findings to...


I will also update the OpenOffice Draw diagram to reflect the current
wired network at EPC and post exported PNGs to...  


That said does anyone know of a online storage place that I could upload
the OpenOffice Draw diagram that I've created? I'd like others to have
the ability to download/tweak it.

Anyways, a couple things to point out on the first diagram on the EPC
WirelessNetwork page...

1 - Notice the signal and quality loss inside one of the rooms when the
door is shut.

2- The 2inch conduit, that runs from the Community Building to the
Waterman Building, is about 150ft long and terminates under a residents
room at the SE side of the building. Fortunately, where the conduit
terminates is near a crawl space that runs the length of the Waterman
building.  The conduit does have a pull string to pull a CAT5(6) run.   

To make it to the Wiring closet on the NE end of the building it roughly
another 150ft.  This puts that run dangerously close to the 100m MAX
CAT5e and CAT6 length, actually 90M is the recommends MAX but 100M can
be achieved.  To push the run either 90 or 100M we would need switches
in the enterprise class on both ends, I don't think a little home
networking switch (i.e. linksys, netgear or dlink) will do.

We can talk more about this tomorrow.  

- Eric 

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