[ubuntu-us-nm] Next Release of Amarok and MySQL 5.1

Eric Krieger grammatoncleric at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 2 20:10:38 GMT 2008

Interesting notes from the Ubuntu Server team... for those of that use
Amarok and not so happy, happy, joy, joy feelings about MySQL 5.1.


==== MySQL 5.1 in Jaunty ====

ScottK mentioned that the next version of amarok (music player for KDE)
require MySQL 5.1 as it uses the embedded mysql library (which is not
available in 5.0). He also added that akonadi (PIM manager for KDE) used
5.0 for now. zul and mathiaz reported that they had been working on
5.1 from experimental. However the test suite isn't successfully run
the build process. There was some discussion about supporting both 5.1
and 5.0
in main. jdstrand from the security team strongly suggested to not do
mathiaz also mentioned that a senior MySQL developer blogged about the
quality of MySQL 5.1 now that it has been declared stable for production
(GA) by upstream.
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