Ubuntu-US-NM Free PC's up for grabs for *Non-Profits*

IDernov at metrocourt.state.nm.us IDernov at metrocourt.state.nm.us
Mon Sep 17 22:52:02 BST 2007

Eric I have a "Horse Shelter" Non-Profits organization in Edgewood. They 
need 1 or 2 PCs. I can get information to you. Please let me know what 
document I need. 
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Igor Dernov
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court of New Mexico
IT Specialist Senior
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Ubuntu-US-NM Free PC's up for grabs for *Non-Profits*

    We are in the process of getting ready to give away 20-30 PCs .  The 
key is that we will give them to a Non-profit  (part of the Community 
Reinvestment Act) for free.  So if anyone on the list knows of a 
Non-Profit that is in need of PC's complete with monitors, keyboards, and 
mice please let me know. The PC's are Dell GX110's and GX240's...all work 
and we are in the process of DBANing (wiping the hard drives).


- Eric 

Eric Krieger
Email: unmlobo at gmail.com

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