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I just love this exchange of ideas, this mailing list, as well as the LoCo 
is really taking off.....thanks to all that participate.

andrew at source3.com 
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Re: [Ubuntu-US-NM] GIS and Ubuntu question


opensourcegis.org can be overwhelming.  Therefore, I suggest looking at 
Grass GIS (http://grass.itc.it/).  Quantum GIS (http://qgis.org/) was also 
mentioned in another post.  Quantum GIS is a great viewer,  but does not 
has the editing powers of Grass.  Both of these programs are available in 
the Ubuntu Repositories.  In addition, Grass has a tutorial.  I am slowly 
working throught the tutorial while between semesters.  I am working 
toward my Masters in GIS at Penn State.

An additonal option is open source mapservers.  I put one together here:  
http://mapserver.rthicksconsult.com.  Click on the mapping portal button 
to access the map,  Be patient, the mapserver is hosted from R.T. Hicks 
Consultants.  The connection is slow and is not a production site.  This 
week, I will be redoing the site getting it ready for beta testing by 
clients.  The mapserver uses Chameleon, with Mapserver  (
http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/) at the core.  Mapserver is also in the 
repositories.  The mapserver is being served from Windows Server 2003, 
with that being said, I used the MS4W package (
http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/).  There are a few books on Mapserver.  I 
prefer the on by Apress over O'Reilly.


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I'm working with a partner who is going to do GIS work - creating maps, 
inlcuding pictures, layers, etc. 
Is there a good Open Source GIS program that works with Ubuntu? 

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