Ubuntu-US-NM Stuff for the mailing list

David Thomas dthomas at cableone.net
Wed Aug 29 03:07:32 BST 2007

Hello all,

I wanted to send an email with links to all kinds of info for the New 
Mexico Ubuntu LoCo, some links you may know some you may not.

This is the link to sign up for the mailing list (I'm guessing you know 
this one)


The New Mexico Team Ubuntu Wiki Page


My Ubuntu Wiki Page


If your on this mailing list then you want  to go to Launch Pad and join 
the New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo plus once you sign up you can get your own wiki


Goood Place to learn about Ubuntu Users (look for my blog post)


Stuff were doing for Software Freedom Day


And Don't forget the weekly IRC Meetings on freenode channel 
#ubuntu-newmexico every Thursday at  8:00PM MST

This this Thursday is a Meet and Greet:

The details

Where: The Downtown flying star <http://www.flyingstarcafe.com/> in 
Albuquerque <http://www.cabq.gov/>, NM & IRC Freenode channel 

When: Thursday the 30th of August

How long: From 7:00 till ?

So if your in Albuquerque <http://www.cabq.gov/> look us up.


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