ubuntu-us-nj New Jersey Bug Squashing Month

David A. Harding dave at dtrt.org
Sun Nov 30 18:49:35 GMT 2008

New Jersey Ubuntu Users:

I think the farthest reaching advocacy we can do, not that we do much
advocacy anymore, is to make free software better for all users.  I
propose that we postpone our regular quarterly LAN party this month and
try squashing 100 bugs before the new year.

I'll squash some bugs myself, but my priority job during the month will
be to find bugs for you. I'll try posting five easy bugs to this
mailing list every day, and for every two days I go without posting at
least 10 bugs, I'll donate $5 to the Free Software Foundation's EMACS
development fund.

If you want to participate, please describe your Ubuntu-related
proficiencies on the following wiki article:


For example:

    David A. Harding
    * bash & POSIX shell: expert
    * Documentation writing: expert
    * Testing & debugging: expert
    * TeX, LaTex, roff, HTML, Docbook: intermediate to expert
    * Kernel internals: intermediate to expert
    * perl, make: intermediate
    * C: novice to intermediate
    * Other programing languages: can usually adjust conditions and logic

Please feel free to make up your own fields; your description will be
read by a human, not a machine, and it will only be used to help me find
bugs you can do.

After you complete a bug, add its URL and your name to the above wiki
article. I consider a bug complete after you provide all the material
needed to fix it. That usually means you attached a patch in the correct
format. It may also mean that you gave the original bug reporter an
explanation of why the bug really isn't a bug. You don't need to wait
for the bug report to close before you add the bug to the wiki list.

Even though I'll try finding bugs you can do, I hope you'll pick bugs
that challenge you.  Every challenging bug you work on -- even if you
can't fix it -- will probably teach you something new.  If you need help
fixing a bug, please ask for help on this mailing list on in our IRC
chatroom[1]; both are stocked with experienced Ubuntu developers who
love to help people.

    [1] #ubuntu-us-nj on irc.freenode.net

I invite our Ubuntu friends and associates from other states to join us,
but beware: we New Jersians will probably take all of the credit. (Did
you know the Philly Cheesesteak was invented by a New Jersey native? Or
that Ben Franklin spent time in Burlington before he came to Philly?)

If we complete 100 bugs before the new year, I'll make some trophy or
certificate to be presented to participants at the next LAN party.

I'll reply to this email in a few minutes with the first five bugs.

100 to go,

David A. Harding	    Website:  http://dtrt.org/
1 (609) 997-0765	      Email:  dave at dtrt.org
			Jabber/XMPP:  dharding at jabber.org

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