ubuntu-us-nj New Mailing List for Cross-State LUG Coordination

David A. Harding harda at gnuisance.net
Sun Sep 9 00:30:17 BST 2007

A mailing list has been created to encourage cooperation and information
sharing between members of LUGs and other free software groups in the
mid-atlantic region.  This mailing list, the Regional Meta-LUG mailing
list, is being graciously hosted by the Rutgers University Student LUG;
to subscribe, please visit the URL below:


If you're the first member of your group to join the mailing list,
please introduce yourself and your group.  At this initial stage, we're
particularly interested in any success stories: what has your group done
to increase membership or to make the local area less hostile to
GNU+Linux users?

In the future, we will begin discussing plans to host a regional
conference or festival we can all participate in: something like the
Ohio LinuxFest of Penguicon.  If you have ideas for an event, or if you
know of an existing event we can bolster, please start the discussion.

Finally, please share this announcement with the free software groups
around you.  All groups will benefit from increased cooperation and
information sharing.

David A. Harding
New Jersey Area
dave at gnuisance.net
(609) 230 9788

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