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David A. Harding harda at gnuisance.net
Thu Jul 26 03:12:43 BST 2007

On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 09:36:28PM -0400, Joseph Terranova wrote:
> I had previously emailed about Software Freedom Day [...]
> I'd like to hear ideas, plans, or at least that people are interested.

The goal of SFD, as I understand it, is to focus the press on free
software for one day a year. So event suggetions should consist of
things the press usually focuses on. I suggest a parade or protest
(either way, with big posterboard signs). Close down a street if
possible and wear costumes. Keep in mind that the closer the event is to
a newspaper office, the higher the chance of media coverage.

An alternate suggestion, which I recently put in the ear of Rob Zinkov,
president of RUSLUG, is to invite a lawyer from the Software Freedom Law
Center (SFLC) to give a speech at Rutgers New Brunswick (a convient
train ride from SFLC's offices in NYC). The Long Island LUG (LILUG)
recently filmed an enjoyable presentation by SFLC legal advisor Matt
Norwood at their regular meeting; you might find the video[1] useful for
deciding whether to presue this option.


If these ideas aren't acceptable, I'd be happy to think of some more.

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