[NH LoCo] help [return] key locks everything up...

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 12 17:06:51 GMT 2010

never mind. there's a ubuntu bug filed for it, and it affects everyone who updated today in lucid and has an asus or some other type of laptop. apparently the keyboard layouts have been changed somehow. go to preferences and instead of the default 105 keyboard select asus laptop (or whatever you have) also log in / log out, reboot. that's supposed to work. 
i'll let you know. i haven't been able to do it yet, i'm compiling something.

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>i have a problem that entirely stumps me. suddenly my [return] key locks everything up. this happens in the login screen as well as in gnome terminal and every other program running in gnome. so for instance i can't even do paragraphs here. does anyone have any ideas, has this happened to anyone else. could i have set the function of the [return] key improperly to [return / line feed] rather than just [return] ... help thanks susan

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