[NH LoCo] Introductions (Heidi)

Heidi A. Strohl heidi at heidistrohl.com
Thu Jan 22 19:52:05 GMT 2009

My name is Heidi Strohl, and I am a self-employed graphic designer. I'm a
Vermont native and currently reside in Charlestown, NH and Montreal, Quebec,
where I am a student of Communication Studies at Concordia University. I've
been running Ubuntu full time now for three years, and can't imagine going
back (wish I'd switched sooner!). It's refreshing to use an operating system
that doesn't make assumptions about the language you speak, the tools you
use, or your level of computer literacy. Since I'm not a computer
programmer, I'm very excited to have an opportunity to use the skills I have
to introduce others to this great operating system.

 Heidi A. Strohl
 Meticulous Design for Print and Web

 heidi at heidistrohl.com
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