[ubuntu-us-nc] IRC etiquette

agjennings at gmail.com agjennings at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 20:46:31 GMT 2010

it is on freenode. channel is #ubuntu-us-nc

hope to see you there!  


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Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:13:52 pm
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From: "Alex Netherton" <danetherton at charter.net>
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If you could be so kind, please post the URL for the IRC channel for 
Ubuntu. I am thinking of downloading the latest WUBI again and playing 
with it, and might enjoy this chat.

Alex Netherton
Asheville, NC
danetherton at charter.net

Dewey Hylton wrote:
> sorry you feel you've gotten a less than warming welcome; i'm betting it wasn't intentional, at least not with our particular group. we don't congregate to give folks a hard time - we congregate because we have ubuntu in common. if you have, use or have at least heard of ubuntu, you're already technically a member of the group because you're part of the local community. :)
> login to irc and start asking questions. someone will eventually be out of a meeting long enough to answer. you might even end up in a decent conversation. and it might not even be related to ubuntu. :)
> as for your irc nick ... i've seen names from movies, funny-sounding acronyms, you name it. a variety of generators can be found online as well. for e

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