[ubuntu-us-mo] Leads needed for the team

Matthew Copple mcopple at kcopensource.org
Mon Sep 3 19:25:31 BST 2007

On Mon, 2007-09-03 at 03:42 -0500, Kent Seaton wrote:
> I think one of the next areas we need to look at for the team is the
> leads for various processes.  We have the Wiki taken care of for
> updates, modifications, etc... but we need interested parties to take
> part in activities such as marketing, advocacy, mentoring, new user
> welcome group, site developer (for the portal and blog planet).  I
> would also like another person in the group to help with the layout
> and development of the Wiki.  I think we need to have an information
> officer to help keep data and posted information accurate.
> Suggestions are welcome.

Deciding what processes we can support, and how they would be organized,
would be a good start. 


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