[ubuntu-us-mo] Face to face, August 25

Matthew Copple mcopple at kcopensource.org
Sun Aug 19 04:04:36 BST 2007

Here's the contact info for the August 25 face-to-face:

110004 Hwy 40, Conference Room
Independence MO

Meeting begins at 5 pm.

The easiest way to get there is to take I-70 to the Blue Ridge exit (the
exit to the stadiums). Take a left off the exit, going north on Blue
Ridge to Highway 40. Take a right on Highway 40; there is an office park
on the left, just down the road from V's Italian Ristorante. 

Brett Varney is going to e-mail better directions shortly, and I'll also
get a zip code for those who want to do the mapquest thing.

Agenda so far:

1. Syncing a Palm Device with Ubuntu: Matt Copple, presenter
Matt discusses the pros and cons of syncing Palm Devices, using his Treo
700P as the focus. 

2. Gutsy release party: What kind of Linux geeks are we if we don't have
a release party for Gutsy? Tribe 4 is out, so it is time to start
thinking about getting together for the final release!

3. Organization (if there is time): An informal discussion on the
formalities of organizing the Missouri Team.

We have the conference room for three hours (5p to 8p), but I would like
to keep the meeting to an hour, followed by a "meeting after the
meeting" at Denny's or another waterhole of choice.

Matthew Copple, LCA
mcopple at kcopensource.org
Missouri Team Contact

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