[ubuntu-us-mo] Meeting log for 07-15-2007 in #ubuntu-missouri.

Matthew Copple mcopple at kcopensource.org
Thu Aug 16 04:32:05 BST 2007

Aug 15 20:31:50 <PenguinistaKC>	It's 8:30 according to my  'puter, so
let's get started.
Aug 15 20:31:51 -->	Rush_898
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joined #ubuntu-missouri
Aug 15 20:31:59 <spr0k3t>	mroning rush
Aug 15 20:32:05 <Rush_898>	hello
Aug 15 20:32:19 <spr0k3t>	oh wow, I thought ircatwork was offline?
Aug 15 20:32:30 <PenguinistaKC>	Let's begin by introducing ourselves. I
am Matthew Copple, Kansas City MO, Team Contact.
Aug 15 20:32:52 <spr0k3t>	Kent Seaton, Wiki administrator.
Aug 15 20:33:06 <Rush_898>	I'm Chase Pettet, Lees Summit, Some new guy
Aug 15 20:33:18 <bonthegeek>	Bonnie, garden variety geek
Aug 15 20:33:47 <spr0k3t>	I'm sure there are a few others that are afk
at the time.
Aug 15 20:33:53 <wizarth>	Peter Newman, Australia, person who
instroduced Bonnie to linux
Aug 15 20:34:09 <spr0k3t>	sweet wizarth... many thanks for that.
Aug 15 20:35:03 <PenguinistaKC>	jbrouhard may be offline, but he is Joe
Brouhard, St. Joseph, MO, who assists by administering the IRC and
helping to admin the mailing list and team launchpad.
Aug 15 20:35:26 <PenguinistaKC>	If anyone else comes to the computer
while we're coursing and discoursing, please go ahead and introduce for
the log.
Aug 15 20:35:42 <spr0k3t>	UncleSam is our IRC bot
Aug 15 20:36:07 <PenguinistaKC>	First item on the agenda is review and
approval of minutes for the August 1st meeting. They were posted to the
mailing list on August 8. Are there any changes or objections to the
minutes as posted?
Aug 15 20:36:49 <spr0k3t>	link:
Aug 15 20:37:04 <PenguinistaKC>	Feel free to post them now, or send them
to me via e-mail (mcopple at kcopensource.org) by the end of the meeting.
If there are no objections or changes, they will be considered approved
as read.
Aug 15 20:37:26 <PenguinistaKC>	Correction, if no objections or changes
by end of meeting, they will be considered approved as read.
Aug 15 20:38:11 <spr0k3t>	I would like to say welcome to all the new
members of the LoCo
Aug 15 20:38:38 <spr0k3t>	Let's get down to business on the Projects.
Aug 15 20:39:04 <spr0k3t>	The artwork is current developing and we have
a couple logo designs.
Aug 15 20:39:07 <PenguinistaKC>	Absolutely. According to my e-mail,
we've had eight new members join since the last meeting.
Aug 15 20:39:31 <Rush_898>	As a new person, on our behalf, thanks
Aug 15 20:39:39 <spr0k3t>
Aug 15 20:40:48 <spr0k3t>	The logo designs are just an innitial idea...
any other submissions are welcome to be added
Aug 15 20:41:54 <spr0k3t>	The designs of the logos still need to be
tweaked, but you can get an idea of what works for the trademark
Aug 15 20:43:19 <spr0k3t>	once the logos are finalized and approved by
Canonical, we will look into purchasing business cards.  The cards would
be a generic introduction to Ubuntu and describe information on the
Aug 15 20:44:30 <Rush_898>	what is the extent of the licensing? Does it
lend itself to t-shirts, etc as well?
Aug 15 20:44:39 <spr0k3t>	Another point in the artwork are the case
tags.  I've offered some funds to purchase some high quality aluminum
case tags to be used for welcoming new users
Aug 15 20:45:19 <spr0k3t>	Rush_898: once the logo is considered official
with support from canonical, we can do anything we want with the logo so
long as it doesn't change.
Aug 15 20:45:41 <CTech>	I was reading blogs and lost track of time, I'm
Jason Wendel, network/linux geek
Aug 15 20:45:58 <spr0k3t>	sweet CTech, morning
Aug 15 20:46:21 <CTech>	hi everyone
Aug 15 20:46:28 <PenguinistaKC>	Welcome
Aug 15 20:46:44 <spr0k3t>	that brings me to my next point on the list of
the agenda... documentation in projects.
Aug 15 20:47:14 <PenguinistaKC>	Before you go on, let's find out if
anyone else has questions or concerns
Aug 15 20:47:22 <spr0k3t>	nods
Aug 15 20:47:46 <PenguinistaKC>	We would like to have logo submissions
by 1 September, is that correct?
Aug 15 20:48:34 <spr0k3t>	ah yes.. the deadlines for logo submission is
set to SEP 01.  The vote for the layout that we present to canonical
will be at the following meeting of the 5th.
Aug 15 20:49:08 <PenguinistaKC>	Are there any other questions or
comments on the topic?
Aug 15 20:49:43 <spr0k3t>	Just a reminder though, anyone is welcome to
submit logo ideas... the more the merrier
Aug 15 20:50:16 <PenguinistaKC>	Please! We're looking for submissions
that reflect the whole state, since the LoCo serves the entire state.
Aug 15 20:50:38 <PenguinistaKC>	OK, let's go on to the next item,
Aug 15 20:50:50 <spr0k3t>	this is going to be rather simple.
Aug 15 20:50:55 <PenguinistaKC>	We'll have another comment period at the
end of the meeting if anyone thinks of something later.
Aug 15 20:51:46 <spr0k3t>	documentation does not have to be extensive or
even official sounding... what I'm looking for are people interested in
blogging about their experiences with various programs in Linux... not
just ubuntu.
Aug 15 20:52:44 <spr0k3t>	if you have something you would like to write
about, I'd like to add this information to the wiki as it will help many
newcomers to Linux in general.
Aug 15 20:53:09 <Rush_898>	it would be cool if each member of the LoCo
had 5 favorite/recommended applications, it might be a good starting
point for documentation too
Aug 15 20:54:03 <spr0k3t>	exellent point Rush_898
Aug 15 20:54:31 <spr0k3t>	Perhaps it could be something added to the
personal Wiki pages.
Aug 15 20:55:51 <PenguinistaKC>	spr0k3t, won't putting software
documentation on our pages conflict with overall Ubuntu documentation
Aug 15 20:56:08 <spr0k3t>	That's another part of the documentation
project... to make a larger presence, I believe we should flesh out the
personal Wiki pages a bit.  You can find some good examples by checking
out johnc4510, atoponce, nixternal etc
Aug 15 20:56:29 <PenguinistaKC>	I was under the impression that they
preferred to have how-tos and such categorized in application-specific
areas of the general wiki?
Aug 15 20:57:00 <spr0k3t>	PenguinistaKC: I thought about that, and no,
as long as the documentation of the software is your personal
experience... no howtos, just what you think... sort of like a review.
Aug 15 20:57:12 <PenguinistaKC>	OK
Aug 15 20:57:43 <spr0k3t>	it's best if we build those reviews on
personal blogs, then link to the blogs from the personal wiki pages...
from there we can link to those from the MissouriTeam
Aug 15 20:58:01 <spr0k3t>	it's a way of fleshing out the wiki.
Aug 15 20:59:04 <spr0k3t>	any other questions or recomendations at this
Aug 15 20:59:18 <PenguinistaKC>	I'm all for it as long as it is useful
content. I don't want us stuffing the wiki just to look active.
Aug 15 21:00:43 <PenguinistaKC>	OK, let's move on to LoCo approval
process. Again, if anyone wants to add additional comments, we'll have a
time at the end of the meeting. This way, we keep things moving for
folks who want to get other stuff done tonight. :)
Aug 15 21:01:32 <spr0k3t>	I've got this documentation started as an
outline of what to expect
Aug 15 21:01:34 <spr0k3t>
Aug 15 21:01:53 <spr0k3t>	the idea is, establishment and long term
Aug 15 21:03:21 <spr0k3t>	whether those include introducing Ubuntu to X
number of users per year... triag so many bugs at launchpad... or
whathaveyou.  The projects canonical are looking for are those with the
long term expansion in mind.
Aug 15 21:03:50 <spr0k3t>	The other area they look at is activity on the
various forms of communication.
Aug 15 21:04:54 <spr0k3t>	feel free to go over the approval form to see
what you might be interested in or if you have ideas you can add to the
Aug 15 21:05:15 <PenguinistaKC>	Here's my feedback, for what it's worth.
Aug 15 21:05:34 <PenguinistaKC>	Successful projects stem from a handful
of related things:
Aug 15 21:05:42 <PenguinistaKC>	1. A vision
Aug 15 21:05:50 <PenguinistaKC>	2. Resources
Aug 15 21:05:58 <PenguinistaKC>	3. Organization
Aug 15 21:07:12 <PenguinistaKC>	I've been a neighborhood activist for as
long as I've been a Linux advocate, and one of the first things I
learned as a neighborhood association officer is that when you have a
limited number of people with limited time, the projects you choose have
to be small, focused, and achievable.
Aug 15 21:07:40 <spr0k3t>	so what do you guys think?  how many people
could you introduce to Ubuntu using the LiveCDs?
Aug 15 21:09:24 <PenguinistaKC>	With respect, the first project we need
to complete is getting organized and developing a vision.
Aug 15 21:11:15 <spr0k3t>	so does anyone have any questions thus far?
Aug 15 21:11:24 <PenguinistaKC>	While I respect the wishes of the LoCo
guys to get everyone approved by the end of the year, I feel it is more
important to place this team on a firm, self-sustaining footing that can
actually make a long-term difference.
Aug 15 21:12:02 <jbrouhard>	I'm here.. finally
Aug 15 21:12:20 <spr0k3t>	ah, morning Joe!
Aug 15 21:12:26 <jbrouhard>	more like evening
Aug 15 21:12:33 <jbrouhard>	so what are you guys debating now ?
Aug 15 21:12:34 <spr0k3t>	(3rd shift)
Aug 15 21:12:55 <spr0k3t>	at this point we are at the approval process.
Aug 15 21:12:57 <PenguinistaKC>	We're debating whether we should pin
your ears back or just slice them off entirely.
Aug 15 21:13:03 <PenguinistaKC>	;)
Aug 15 21:13:07 <spr0k3t>	lol
Aug 15 21:13:10 <jbrouhard>	*snort*
Aug 15 21:14:12 <spr0k3t>	well, anyway, the last bit of the projects is
membership drive.
Aug 15 21:14:20 <PenguinistaKC>	Here's what I suggest. First, if folks
have ideas for projects, short or long term, please do suggest them. We
have a spot for it at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MissouriTeam/Projects
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Aug 15 21:14:43 -->	Zelut (n=christer at ubuntu/member/zelut) has joined
Aug 15 21:14:55 <spr0k3t>	ah, thanks Matt!
Aug 15 21:15:15 <PenguinistaKC>	In the mean time, let's begin a dialog
on the mailing list about formally organizing the team and coming up
with tha vision. I have some ideas on both fronts, and I'm sure others
do, as well.
Aug 15 21:15:37 <spr0k3t>	sounds good
Aug 15 21:15:45 <PenguinistaKC>	We already had a short discussion on
pros & cons of incorporation and such.
Aug 15 21:16:03 <jbrouhard>	Yeah
Aug 15 21:16:05 <jbrouhard>	we did
Aug 15 21:16:09 <spr0k3t>	;)
Aug 15 21:16:12 <jbrouhard>	(kent, Weechat lacks one thing.. scrolling
Aug 15 21:16:23 <spr0k3t>	jbrouhard: pageup
Aug 15 21:16:33 <PenguinistaKC>	With your permission, I will come up
with a project plan for it.
Aug 15 21:16:43 <PenguinistaKC>	For organizing, that is.
Aug 15 21:16:47 <PenguinistaKC>	Any objections?
Aug 15 21:17:28 <PenguinistaKC>	We'll discuss it on the mailing list and
Kent, why don't we build a page to go along with it so we can keep track
of where the discussion and action items are going?
Aug 15 21:17:37 <spr0k3t>	sounds good to me... but something to think
about though, there are other groups in the USTeams that are trying to
achieve the same... perhaps it would be good if we build upon existing
Aug 15 21:17:52 <jbrouhard>	Eh
Aug 15 21:17:57 <jbrouhard>	For one thing
Aug 15 21:18:01 <jbrouhard>	incorporating is one thing
Aug 15 21:18:01 <PenguinistaKC>	I have no issues with stealing, err,
repeating success.
Aug 15 21:18:30 <jbrouhard>	I've got my own personal issues with it, but
that's just me.  I'm going with LLC for Proxima Networks to absolve me
of any financial problems in the future with the business.
Aug 15 21:18:52 <jbrouhard>	While i've read and understood matt's
e-mail, I'm still not sure if i'm in agreement
Aug 15 21:20:11 <PenguinistaKC>	Then let's discuss it on the mailing
list. I need to do some research on how other teams are organizing
themselves, certainly. 
Aug 15 21:20:16 <jbrouhard>	am i lagging here? <G>
Aug 15 21:20:20 <spr0k3t>	anyway onward to the membership drive
Aug 15 21:20:27 <jbrouhard>	Ok
Aug 15 21:20:28 <PenguinistaKC>	There are probably also legal issues
around Canonical that need to be resolved, too.
Aug 15 21:20:35 <PenguinistaKC>	Any other questions or concerns?
Aug 15 21:20:40 <jbrouhard>	Nope not right now
Aug 15 21:21:03 <spr0k3t>	right now it's not important to build our
members as we have new users interested every day it seems.
Aug 15 21:21:50 <spr0k3t>	however... if you know of existing ubuntu
users in missouri, feel free to let them know about our efforts.
Aug 15 21:22:15 <PenguinistaKC>	Is there anyone here who is from parts
of MIssouri other than metro KC?
Aug 15 21:22:22 <PenguinistaKC>	I know that Joe is from St. Joe.
Aug 15 21:22:24 <bonthegeek>	Springfield, here.
Aug 15 21:22:35 <jbrouhard>	Springfield?  kewl
Aug 15 21:22:39 <spr0k3t>	nods
Aug 15 21:22:40 <PenguinistaKC>	bonthegeek, is there a LUG in
Springfield of any sort?
Aug 15 21:22:43 <jbrouhard>	Don't think you know Richard Harman do you ?
Aug 15 21:22:54 <bonthegeek>	The best I can tell, it has fizzled and
died a month ago.
Aug 15 21:23:17 <PenguinistaKC>	OK.
Aug 15 21:23:20 <spr0k3t>	yeah, the LUG meetings are no longer in
Springfield... however I'd like to help change that.
Aug 15 21:23:33 <jbrouhard>	Mind you, everyone, I'm on a livechat system
with ipowerweb.com because of some b.s. with atakicksmart.com
Aug 15 21:23:36 <jbrouhard>	so I'm kinda AFK here
Aug 15 21:23:45 <spr0k3t>	smile jbrouhard
Aug 15 21:23:55 <PenguinistaKC>	I would, as well. Let's put
reestablishing and expanding our LUG base on the proposed projects list.
Aug 15 21:23:57 <spr0k3t>	still working on that one eh?
Aug 15 21:23:59 *	jbrouhard notes ipowerweb sucks....
Aug 15 21:24:03 <jbrouhard>	SERIOUSLY sucks
Aug 15 21:24:10 <jbrouhard>	they deleted the bloody databases at
atakicksmart.com !
Aug 15 21:24:14 <jbrouhard>	no warning, no nothing
Aug 15 21:24:22 <spr0k3t>	been there.
Aug 15 21:24:22 <bonthegeek>	I'd be glad to chip in on the Springfield
LUG efforts, definitely.
Aug 15 21:24:37 <jbrouhard>	I got one question
Aug 15 21:24:44 <spr0k3t>	fire away.
Aug 15 21:24:44 <jbrouhard>	what do you all want to see at LUG
meetings ?
Aug 15 21:24:54 <wizarth>	Cheap cola.
Aug 15 21:24:55 <jbrouhard>	That's been the #1 qustion we ask our ATA
Aug 15 21:24:59 <spr0k3t>	lol wizarth
Aug 15 21:25:06 <jbrouhard>	what they want to see in classes,
tournaments, or even seminars.
Aug 15 21:25:12 <PenguinistaKC>	I want to see you lug in that 4U
Rackmount of yours. :0
Aug 15 21:25:14 <jbrouhard>	so, I ask you guys.. what do you want to see
at a LUG meeting ?
Aug 15 21:25:24 <jbrouhard>	Matt
Aug 15 21:25:27 <jbrouhard>	I have an 8U rackmount here too
Aug 15 21:25:31 <jbrouhard>	it's about twice as heavy
Aug 15 21:25:38 <PenguinistaKC>	That's going  to depend on the area,
Aug 15 21:25:38 <jbrouhard>	and i can lug that thing around like it's a
backpack so shaddup
Aug 15 21:25:40 <spr0k3t>	yay for rackmounts!
Aug 15 21:25:47 <bonthegeek>	I have never been to one, so I'm not sure
what is expected.
Aug 15 21:25:51 <PenguinistaKC>	But that does bring up one last thing:
Aug 15 21:26:09 <jbrouhard>	Okay
Aug 15 21:26:10 <jbrouhard>	How about this
Aug 15 21:26:18 <PenguinistaKC>	Go ahead, Joe.
Aug 15 21:26:18 <jbrouhard>	do you guys want to see a How-to on doing
this, that, or whatever else ?
Aug 15 21:26:30 <jbrouhard>	Or maybe even a little LUG meeting that is
converted to a LAN party ?
Aug 15 21:26:35 <jbrouhard>	Maybe.. I don't know..
Aug 15 21:26:40 <jbrouhard>	code-a-thon ?
Aug 15 21:26:43 <wizarth>	Oh, linux gaming.
Aug 15 21:26:56 <jbrouhard>	I'm pretty sure linux gaming will go a long
way, if I can figure out how to distribute cedega properly
Aug 15 21:27:23 <spr0k3t>	we'll see how that goes.
Aug 15 21:27:29 <PenguinistaKC>	Let's remember, though, that our
purpose, as a LoCo anyway, is to work with LUGs. Because we cover the
whole state, it would be hard to be a LUG, except in the most general,
virtual sense.
Aug 15 21:28:03 <spr0k3t>	the LoCo is an extension of the individual
Aug 15 21:28:33 -->	UncleSam (n=USbot at unaffiliated/vorian/bot/unclesam)
has joined #ubuntu-missouri
Aug 15 21:28:48 <spr0k3t>	one thing I would like to do is include some
information what is happening around the state at the LUG meetings...
just a quick summary of events and whatnot.
Aug 15 21:28:54 <PenguinistaKC>	We can (and will) do a lot of the stuff
LUGs do -- provide support for Ubuntu users, introduce folks to Ubuntu,
serve as a contact point for folks who are interested in getting ino
development or other points. But we have to make sure that we provide
services and direct resources to help folks all over the state, rather
than just in the KC Metro.
Aug 15 21:29:36 <PenguinistaKC>	Everywhere we can find two or three
Linux users, I would like to get a LUG started.
Aug 15 21:29:51 <spr0k3t>	that's a lot of LUGs
Aug 15 21:29:58 <PenguinistaKC>	Perhaps.
Aug 15 21:30:44 <PenguinistaKC>	But a user in Springfield, for instance,
will have a lot easier time learning and sticking with Linux if there
are several folks providing support and social activities, rather han a
mailing list owned by a bunch of guys in KC.
Aug 15 21:30:56 <PenguinistaKC>	That's why we are here.
Aug 15 21:30:56 <--	Zelut has quit (Nick collision from services.)
Aug 15 21:31:11 <spr0k3t>	so do we have any questions or objections?
Aug 15 21:31:20 <wizarth>	As someone in the boonies I can certainly
agree with PenguinistaKC
Aug 15 21:31:22 <bonthegeek>	Springfield is surely big enough to keep a
LUG going.  Does anyone know why the recent one folded?
Aug 15 21:31:41 <spr0k3t>	I do...
Aug 15 21:32:07 <spr0k3t>	there was just a lack of meeting up... no real
drive or anything.
Aug 15 21:32:24 <PenguinistaKC>	Next and final topic is Regional Lug
Aug 15 21:32:45 <spr0k3t>	apparently one of their key users who was the
glue moved out of state.
Aug 15 21:33:00 <PenguinistaKC>	Sorry, spr0k3t, didn't mean to
Aug 15 21:33:07 <spr0k3t>	n/p, it's on topic
Aug 15 21:33:35 <spr0k3t>	I've already touched on the major points of
the LUGs though.
Aug 15 21:33:40 <PenguinistaKC>	KCLUG meets at the downtown library on
1st wednesday and third tuesday.
Aug 15 21:34:08 <PenguinistaKC>	And we will have an informal,
Ubuntu-oriented meet 'n' greet at 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 25.
Aug 15 21:34:33 <PenguinistaKC>	I have now forgotten the address, but I
will post that to the mailing list. 
Aug 15 21:34:58 <spr0k3t>	cool... so do we have any thoughts?
Aug 15 21:35:07 <PenguinistaKC>	It is a chance for Ubunteros in KC Metro
to meet and enjoy life.
Aug 15 21:35:20 <PenguinistaKC>	I will post more on the mailing list
this week.
Aug 15 21:36:21 <PenguinistaKC>	After notes -- are there any other
comments, suggestions, etc.? I will officially close the log at 9:40 pm
CT, so get those comments in the channel or to me via e-mail before
Aug 15 21:37:06 <PenguinistaKC>	Otherwise, thank you for coming tonight
and we'll see you at our next meeting  on September 5, 8:30 p.m.
Aug 15 21:37:16 <jbrouhard>	Hey guys
Aug 15 21:37:26 <jbrouhard>	Meet and greet August 25th at 5pm ?
Aug 15 21:37:29 <jbrouhard>	I might be late for that one
Aug 15 21:37:46 <jbrouhard>	I'll be at Worlds of Fun all day for an
ATA-related thing :)
Aug 15 21:37:49 <PenguinistaKC>	I was thinking of doing a presentation
on syncing a Palm with Ubuntu
Aug 15 21:38:12 <spr0k3t>	smile... wish the ipaq worked
Aug 15 21:38:32 <PenguinistaKC>	I got a new Treo 700 which I have been
able to mostly get to work.
Aug 15 21:38:33 <wizarth>	You and me both
Aug 15 21:38:34 <spr0k3t>	anyway.. I need to get ready for work.
Aug 15 21:38:38 <PenguinistaKC>	700p, that is
Aug 15 21:38:49 -->	erimar77
(n=eric at 75-132-192-20.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) has joined
Aug 15 21:38:56 <spr0k3t>	Matt, can you make sure you log the notes to
the mailing list.
Aug 15 21:39:07 <spr0k3t>	erimar77: welcome back!
Aug 15 21:39:08 <PenguinistaKC>	There is a Denny's just down the road,
at near the stadiums.
Aug 15 21:39:11 <jbrouhard>	Oh, nice
Aug 15 21:39:18 <erimar77>	I made it... had to go to Linen's n' things
with my wife
Aug 15 21:39:23 <jbrouhard>	Stadiums ?
Aug 15 21:39:25 <jbrouhard>	huh?
Aug 15 21:39:26 <jbrouhard>	Oh
Aug 15 21:39:35 <jbrouhard>	Talking about that location of Brett's
dad's ?
Aug 15 21:39:50 <spr0k3t>	erimar77: lol, that always seems to happen,
doesn't it?
Aug 15 21:39:51 <PenguinistaKC>	So I thought those who wanted to do
meeting after the meeting could adjourn to the Denny's for bovine
schatology and Grand Slam breakfasts.
Aug 15 21:39:54 <jbrouhard>	spr0k3t: the LPrs did not sell on ebay <G>
Aug 15 21:40:02 <jbrouhard>	LOL
Aug 15 21:40:03 <spr0k3t>	jbrouhard: go fig.
Aug 15 21:40:06 <jbrouhard>	Only if someone buys me dinner
Aug 15 21:40:15 <PenguinistaKC>	Yes, Brett's dad's office.
Aug 15 21:40:16 <erimar77>	where is this meeting your'e planning
Aug 15 21:40:33 <spr0k3t>	erimar77: you've almost missed it... we are in
the afternotes part now.
Aug 15 21:40:41 <erimar77>	ok
Aug 15 21:40:49 <erimar77>	I'll catch up when it's posted
Aug 15 21:40:57 <spr0k3t>	but don't worry, we're going to get the log to
the mailing list
Aug 15 21:41:00 <PenguinistaKC>	I can't remember the address, but it is
at an office complex on highway 40, between sterling and blue ridge
Aug 15 21:41:25 <PenguinistaKC>	In Independence, just down the road from
the stadiums, on the north side of I-70.
Aug 15 21:41:49 <PenguinistaKC>	Not far from CoolCrest and V's Italian
Aug 15 21:41:57 <PenguinistaKC>	Darn it, the address is completely
escaping me.
Aug 15 21:42:02 <PenguinistaKC>	I will get it on the mailing list.
Aug 15 21:42:09 <spr0k3t>	erimar77: since you've made it, why not
introduce yourself to the group
Aug 15 21:42:22 <jbrouhard>	I think I remember that area, Matt
Aug 15 21:42:27 <jbrouhard>	pretty close to the old NAU location, no ?
Aug 15 21:42:34 <PenguinistaKC>	You should, you used to go to college
there with Adam and I. :)
Aug 15 21:42:37 <jbrouhard>	in fact, I'll bet it's about a good few
blocks away
Aug 15 21:42:40 <jbrouhard>	hehe
Aug 15 21:42:50 <jbrouhard>	Oh
Aug 15 21:42:55 <jbrouhard>	may i say something "on record" ??
Aug 15 21:43:06 <spr0k3t>	no you may not jbrouhard.  8^)
Aug 15 21:43:17 <PenguinistaKC>	Go ahead
Aug 15 21:43:21 <jbrouhard>	I out-rank you, spr0k3t.. don't make me kick
your arse :)
Aug 15 21:43:33 <jbrouhard>	I did, after all, get Debian on that
poweredge.  haha
Aug 15 21:43:43 <erimar77>	I guess since I'm new I'll say something
short, I'm from Illinois just across the river from Saint Louis, where I
work at WashU as a systems manager
Aug 15 21:43:53 <PenguinistaKC>	Cool!
Aug 15 21:44:03 <jbrouhard>	This goes to ALL Lug members.  I am
currently operating Proxima Networks (www.proximanetworks.com) as the
owner and cheif Administrator.
Aug 15 21:44:29 <jbrouhard>	If *ANY* Lug.. no matter how big or how
small, needs web prescense or even a mailman mailing list, they can
contact me
Aug 15 21:44:45 <erimar77>	I'll take a free coffee mug
Aug 15 21:44:52 <jbrouhard>	I am more than willing to work with all LUGs
to get them the best service and provide them with what ever they ask
for.  Within reason, of course.

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