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Scott Blackwell amjur2d at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 11:38:42 UTC 2012


My name is Scott - hailing from Oakdale, Minnesota (a suburb east of Saint

I am an unemployed legal professional squeaking-by as a freelance, creative
writer and aspiring novelist (truly, necessity is the mother of
invention!). I am 46 and have found myself to be an amateur PC enthusiast
since the early 1980's (my first PC's were a Timex Sinclair 1016 and Apple
IIe). Make no mistake, however, I am by no means a geek; I fumble around in
the dark until familiarity develops. I haven't done any programming since
high-school (BASIC) and even then I was mediocre at best.

Last week I had to put my cat to sleep - seizures due to terminal cancer.
Having survived that traumatic life-changing event, I decided to keep the
ball rolling by finally taking a leap of faith to permanently emancipate
myself from the evil clutches of Microsoft. I downloaded, burned and
installed Ubuntu 11.10 on top of my XP - crushing the life out of all that
was familiar and finding myself again fumbling around in the dark (only
there exists herein some semblance of illumination).

In a nutshell, this is basically me and where I'm at in the scheme of

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