[ubuntu-us-mn] What can I do.

Jeff Rasmussen jeff.rasmussen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 22:53:18 BST 2009

> It would be cool if someone could figure out my errors that causes
> shoutcast radio within Firefox to bomb after a few minutes of playing.

Most likely you are having issues with Adobe's piece of crap -- Flash.  Are
you running 64-bit Ubuntu or 32-bit?  I am having javascript issues within
Flash when loading Hulu shows.  But I am also using the beta/alpha version
of 64-bit Flash not the 32-bit released version.  The issue I see usually
shows up between the advertising and the presentation of a new show.  There
is not much to do except hope that gnash works better in shoutcast.

> Most of my issues is that with my shaken baby syndrome, I don't understand
> everything I read. Plus, I can't always retrieve what I know. It took me 3
> weeks to remember that towers have plug-ins in back for speakers. I did
> manage to graduate from college anyhow. It was there that I found out I
> shouldn't have been able to achieve much of what I achieved.


Jeff Rasmussen
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