[ubuntu-us-mn] [Blueprint website-replace-wiki] Bring web site to feature-parity with wiki

Steve McGrath smcgrath23 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 05:25:29 GMT 2009

Blueprint changed by Steve McGrath:

Whiteboard set to:
All basic info from the MinnesotaTeam page has been copied over & published.
Some sections may be better broken out into separate pages.
Need some discussion on what to do with Member List. Possibilities:
 * Static page, updated by hand. Requires someone with appropriate rights to edit the page for every new/departing member. Non-optimal.
 * Some sort of Drupal magic. There's got to be a module to handle this, I'll look around a bit myself.
 * Leave the thing on the Ubuntu Wiki. Simple, easy, but not integrated into the new website.

Bring web site to feature-parity with wiki

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