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Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 03:06:22 GMT 2009

Blueprint changed by Tony Yarusso:

Whiteboard changed:
- History:
- Face-to-face meeting with members of TCLUG a few months back. Members were interested in our LoCo.
- Website: http://tclug.org
- IRC: #tclug on irc.freenode.net
- Other LUGs from their website:
- St. Cloud Area Linux Users Group
-     * Web site: http://scalug.mn-linux.org/ 
- The Northfield Minnesota Linux Users Group (NORLUG)
-     * Web site: http://norlug.org/ 
- The Linux Users Group of Rochester (K-LUG)
-     * Web site: http://www.k-lug.org 
- Mankato Area Unix Group (MAUG)
-     * Web site: http://maug.wireless.mnsu.edu/ 
- Duluth Superior Linux UNIX Users Group (DSLUUG)
-     * Web site: http://www.dsluug.org/ 
- Proposed:
-     * Frequent the #tclug channel on IRC and promote our LoCo
-     * Join TCLUG and stay informed about local Linux activities
-     * Investigate possibilities for joint events (both online and in person)
-     * Recommend LoCo members to join their respective LUGs in Minnesota
-     * Search for non-Linux computing groups to contact and promote our LoCo to

Approach area computing groups

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