Network Questions -

Brian Fitzgerald bfitz at
Sun Aug 26 20:57:58 BST 2007

MN LoCo - (nice ring to that)

I am not an experienced user of Ubuntu, but have it on one PC with Grub
loaded to be able to boot to WinXP or Ubuntu 6.06.

I Have recently added VMware Workstation to my business laptop and Ubuntu
6.06 loaded very easily.  

I have had the PC working for some time, done updates and used for several
projects - but the last few times I tried to use it, it did not see the
network.  I reset the NIC settings, and even assigned a static address to
get around the will not see the Internet either.  The PC, when
booted to XP, works just fine.

On the VMware version, I am having the same difficulty with access to the
network/Internet.  I have even tried assigning a static address there with
the identical settings as with Windows...nothing.

I have XP and Server 2003 loaded in VMware also, they have no problems with
the network or Internet access...

I am not an savvy user, but have worked with this for some time, and do not
know what I am missing.



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