[ubuntu-us-mi] Finally finished upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10

Brian Brodsky brianbrodsky at ameritech.net
Sat Oct 26 19:07:23 UTC 2013

Well finally reloaded my desktop which was running Linux Mint 14 to 
Ubuntu 13.10. I ran into several obstacles.

All of the information below is with 64bit distributions.

First I tried installing Ubuntu 13.10 and the Cinnamon that was in the 
standard repository and when I went to login using Cinnamon all I got 
was a mouse pointer.

I then uninstalled Cinnamon added the Cinnamon ppa repository and 
installed Cinnamon 2.0 (I knew this would trash Unity but was willing to 
live with that). This ran for a couple days but then I could not log in 
with anything but gnome fall back.

My final attempt which seems to be working now is I download Ubuntu 
Gnome 13.10, wiped out Ubuntu and installed Ubuntu Gnome 13.10. I again 
attempted to use the standard repository Cinnamon and got the same 
results as Ubuntu. I then uninstalled Cinnamon added the Cinnamon ppa 
repository and installed Cinnamon 2.0. In Ubuntu 13.10 I also ran into 
an issue with pan. It does not seem to allow SSL connections like Mint 
14 (based on 12.10) did. I googled it seems this issue appeared in 
Ubuntu 13.04 and still is not fixed. My options as I saw them was to 
compile from source or use stunnel4. I chose the stunnel4 option. I am 
hoping Ubuntu finally fixes this.

On my laptop I was running Ubuntu 13.04 which ran Cinnamon fine. That 
machine also had Unity, KDE, XFCE and LXDE desktops installed. I did a 
distribution upgrade which worked. However the Cinnamon just gives me a 
black screen and mouse pointer like my desktop did with the standard 
Ubuntu repository install. I did not install ppa on this one (decided I 
did not want to hose Unity or my laptop). I am currently using KDE 
desktop since Cinnamon will not work.

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