[ubuntu-us-mi] Natty Narwhal Release Party at Penguicon!

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Fri Apr 15 12:55:24 UTC 2011

I just put that on my calendar.  Video-cast the party?  We may be able to video-cast the party within Penguicon.  Not sure if this will be connect-able from outside.

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Subject: [ubuntu-us-mi] Natty Narwhal Release Party at Penguicon!
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Its that time again! Time for another release of Ubuntu to hit the 
streets. This time our friend the Natty Narwhal will be making its debut 
the last week of April sometime on April 28th.

To celebrate we'll be joining our energy with the already heavily 
attended event known simply as Penguicon. For those that do not yet know, 
Penguicon is a combination Free/Open Source conference plus Science 
Fiction convention. Not many other events can boast a past participant 
list that includes Cory Doctorow, Chris DiBona, Neil Gaiman, Jono Bacon, 
Jon "maddog" Hall, and Steve Jackson.

The Michigan LoCo release party will be taking place on Friday April 29th 
in the newly renovated hotel bar starting at 7pm. Come for the Ubuntu 
celebration but stay for the fun that is Penguicon.

When: Friday April 29th at 7pm
Where: Troy Marriott
Penguicon? http://www.penguicon.org
RSVP and Directions: http://goo.gl/Nam3W

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| http://grossmeier.net |

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