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Um, I'm sure we can think of a lot of good ideas.  I just wonder if some type of introductory sessions could be provided to educate the non-computer types.  Set some specific short sessions that show the artists how to use the Ubuntu applications for drawing/illustrating/video editing. Music groups could learn the audio software too.
Other hobbies that would benefit from Ubuntu?  I'm surprised when I see someone buying expensive special interest software.  Perhaps we can devise a list of free software that is included in Ubuntu (should already be a list somewhere) that could be distributed at Penguicon.

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Evening, everyone!

At our last IRC meeting (which as a few minutes ago) and the topic of 
what to do as a loco at Penguicon was broached. Some of the ideas that 
were put forth were:

 * Ubuntu Bug Triage / Jam (this has been done in the past with great 
 * Ubuntu Packaging Jam
 * Room Party of some form (could include some of the above)
  * Also could include an "ask the expert" portion.

These are just a sample of the proposed ideas. I'm sure there are more 
out there that haven't been covered. What would you like to see the loco 
do at Penguicon?

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