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Thu Dec 9 18:12:53 GMT 2010

InnoDB: Log scan progressed past the checkpoint lsn 7 2982445220
101216 16:51:22  InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally!
InnoDB: Starting crash recovery.
InnoDB: Reading tablespace information from the .ibd files...
InnoDB: Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite

The second-best way of using "mysqladmin shutdown" does shut down the
database cleanly.  The problem is that something causes it to start
right back up.

I suspect in both cases the issue is with upstart.    And I suspect
the issues is that changes to the mysql upstart script are not taking
effect.  Is there someway to wake up upstart to reread the scripts AND
have them actually take effect?

I issued this:

$ sudo initctl reload-configuration

but that didn't seem to have any effect.

- Robert

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