[ubuntu-us-mi] boot from Lucid USB partition on internal harddrive

Robert Citek robert.citek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 22:30:15 BST 2010

How can I put the USB partition for Lucid onto a hard drive and boot from it?

I created a USB Startup Disk for Lucid and am able to boot my laptop
from it, but I'm experiencing some issues.  For example, it's very
slow.  As a quick workaround I shrank my linux partition on my
internal drive (/dev/sda) and copied the USB partition (/dev/sdc1) to
it.  So now my internal drive has sda1-3 (stuff), sda4 (extended
partition), sda5 (Ubuntu 8.04) and sda6 (USB Lucid).  Mounting sda6
shows that all the files appear to be there.  I've modified my grub
menu.lst on sda5 to contain this:

title		Lucid 10.04 USB
root		(hd0,5)
chainloader	+1

When I boot, grub displays both the Ubuntu 8.04 and Lucid options, and
I can still boot Ubuntu 8.04.  However, when I select the Lucid line,
I get this error message:

Starting up ...
Boot error

What do I need to change in order for Lucid to boot?  Do I need to
reinstall the boot loader (syslinux or isolinux)?  Do I need to modify
a config file?  Something else?  Is booting this way even possible?

I've done something similar with Knoppix in the past, but used
cheatcodes and such to get it to work.

- Robert

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