[ubuntu-us-mi] Hello World

Craig Maloney craig at decafbad.net
Fri May 23 14:49:12 BST 2008

Name: Craig Maloney

Place: Macomb

Distro: Ubuntu Gutsy / Feisty on various machines between home and work.
(Planning on upgrading the home machines to Hardy this weekend). Also have
an Eee PC that is getting Xubuntu one of these days.

Ubuntu interests: Looking to get more involved with Open Source software
development, whether through building and patching packages, or helping to
stamp out bugs.

non-Ubuntu interests: Playing video games with my lovely wife, collecting
classic video games, juggling, playing drums, music (more of the harder
stuff, although I like most anything other than Country and Top-40),
watching anime, and coding in Python, Perl, and Ruby. Also interested in
game development, and participating in Pyweek.

Plans for world domination: Clogging the internet, one bit at a time.

  Craig Maloney  (craig at decafbad.net)        http://decafbad.net
    Work Hard.  Rock Hard.  Eat Hard.  Sleep Hard.  Grow Big.
    Wear Glasses If You Need 'Em.  -- The Webb Wilder Credo

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