[ubuntu-us-mi] Penguicon planning

Rick Harding rharding at mitechie.com
Tue May 20 16:06:56 BST 2008

Wolfger wrote:
> They are already soliciting ideas for panels for next year. I had an
> idea for which I need some panelists:
> How to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
> Building applications efficiently by using (and re-using) existing
> code and APIs.
> I currently don't have much to say on this myself, but hopefully by
> next year I will, since I am working on a project (Tweek) which is
> being built upon multiple other applications (twyt, pysqlite, sqlite).
> In fact, I'd enjoy talking to some prospective panelists so that I
> don't have to learn the best way to go about this from scratch. ;-)

Cool idea. PC is a long way away to commit to anything right now but 
I'll try to keep this in mind.

One hint I've learned that might help you out, is to make sure you build 
an interface layer between your code and the giant's shoulders you're 
standing upon. This helps in case down the road you want to hop onto a 
new/better giant. Perhaps he runs a bit faster or something.

This way you can rework the middle interface layer, and not have to 
fudge into a ton of files/code.


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