[ubuntu-us-mi] Hello World

Mike Ward unforgiven24 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 00:10:20 BST 2008

Well hell, if Adam did it, I guess I will...

I am Mike Ward, or on IRC as most of you would know me, ColonelPanic001. I'm
in Downriver, but I'm not saying where because Adam might send his giant
mutant cat after me. I'm a soon-to-be graduate of Wayne State University (in
August), in Computer Science.

I run Hardy on my laptop, Gutsy on the desktop.

Ubuntu Interests: Mostly just evangelization and helping users newer than

Non-Ubuntu Interests: Go (the board game), nethack (although that's fading a
bit), reading (mostly "classics", literature, etc). Sherlock Holmes. Finding
f'ing weird stuff on the Internets. Keeping the LUG I helped start (at Wayne
State University). Chatting on IRC until the wee hours, etc, etc, etc. I
like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners (actually, sand sucks.
Scratch that). More recently, I've gotten into editing wikipedia.

Plans for world domination: Already in progress. The mousetrap is set, my
friends, and as soon as the time is right, well... you'll know. Muhahaha.
And stuff.
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