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Trevor Jagoda spam.goes.here48048 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 23:48:23 GMT 2007

Welcome aboard, Matt!

I'm rather the reverse of you - I found out about PenguiCon because of
Linux!  Anyway, we'll sure be able to get some involvement in 2009
planned, with the chair for 2009 on our lists and all.

Here's hoping we can get your splash screens and command-line-fear
resolved.  The best place I've found for support from the LoCo is this
very list, or possibly the IRC channel on freenode, if you're looking
for something a bit more real time.  If it's person-to-person you
prefer, I don't know of anybody off hand who lives in the Hazel Park
area.  Most of us (myself included) are somewhat near the Detroit chunk
of the state, so that's not really an issue.  Welcome!  

Trevor Jagoda

On Tue, 2007-11-27 at 15:13 -0500, Matt Arnold wrote:
> Since this is my first post as a member of this mailing list, a word
> of introduction. I live in Hazel Park. I've done most of the Penguicon
> program books, been head of programming, been right hand man to four
> Penguicon convention chairs, and I will be the Chair for 2009. I've
> been an artist and graphic designer in the print industry for eight
> years, but recently changed to work on a corporate website, intranet
> and extranet.
> I was introduced to Linux at the first Penguicon. I've been using
> Ubuntu as my desktop for two or three years now, and I push it on my
> family, friends and coworkers. I usually avoid the command line as if
> it were a pitch-black warehouse where I bark my shins on unseen items
> in the dark. But every month or two I experiment with something that
> will stretch my meager command line skills and try to learn. Then to
> fix what I've broken, I reinstall Ubuntu, or I get new hard drives.
> GRUB for my latest set of hard drives currently offers me a half-dozen
> Ubuntus which I broke, and one good one. When I installed Gutsy, I
> used Symantic to install Mediabuntu on top of it. This broke the
> splash screen, and most of the restricted packages like DVDs and
> Flash. By failing you learn, or so I've heard.
> This makes it sound like my experience has in some way been
> dissatisfactory, but to the contrary, Ubuntu is quite forgiving of
> normal use, short of all but my most ambitious fumblings. Who would
> have imagined an operating system so easy to install that the
> procedure is more painless than almost any simple repair measure? I
> wholeheartedly recommend Ubuntu and am very excited about promoting
> it, both in my Penguicon work and anywhere else.
> -Matt Arnold
Trevor Jagoda
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