[ubuntu-us-mi] Penguicon Packaging Jam?

Jorge O. Castro jorge at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 21 14:27:52 GMT 2007

> Anyway, the panel we were planing is basically a sort of Ubuntu 101, so
> I suppose the target audience would be people who havent had much
> experience with *buntu, or people who just want to know more about the
> community/software in general.  As for the names of the panelists, I'm
> not positive.  GUYS ON THE LOCO LIST, feel free to step forward.

I'm willing to sit in on a panel and take part in the discussion. Also
I can take notes and give feedback to the ubuntu developers. Caveat:
I'd like to see it be a focused Q+A session and not have it degenerate
into a gripe session. ie. we don't need to whine for 45 minutes about
unsupported broadcom wireless cards. :)

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