May Meeting - New Format

Chuck Frain chuck at
Mon Apr 19 03:33:44 BST 2010

Greetings All,

At the April meeting of the Ubuntu Maryland team we decided to try a new
tact with the monthly meetings. We are going to start giving a short
presentation to open each monthly meeting. These talks will be about
30-45 minutes in length on average. They will be targeted to new and
novice users primarily. We'll be using the Ubuntu (Gnome) distro for
giving the presentations and talks unless the topic demands otherwise.

I'll be building a distro on a thumbdrive and providing the image in
some manner for those that want the presentation environment. I don't
expect it to be much, if at all, different than a generic USB creator
image of the ISO. What this will do, however, is provide a consistent
platform for the presenters to build off of and provide the audience
should that be desired. And from the wiki pages themselves we will
provide the presentations that are given. We'll discuss the license that
these are covered under at a later date. 

In the next few days I'll be updating the wiki pages to include
information on this project. I'll also be redirecting to the wiki again.

Julian agreed to try to get us on the library's electronic calendar to
get some publicity on this. 

For the May meeting I will be giving a presentation "What Ubuntu Is And
How You Benefit". This will be an introduction and overview of the
Ubuntu Linux distribution. We will highlight the software collection
that makes up the distribution and some of the community aspects. We
will also offer some tips of where to get help and how to contribute if
you are so moved to do so. Most of all, we'll give you the CD to take
home to allow you to get started with everything you see presented.

In the next few days I'll be doing some more work on the this project as
time allows and will post updates as appropriate.

Chuck Frain 
GPG Key: B2420431

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